Build Your Brand to Build Your Business

Never has there been a more important time for small business owners to evaluate their current business model and strategies, including their brand marketing strategy. In a sea of constant evolution, if you want to grow, you must have a clear brand strategy...not just a logo, website or brochure. Done right, brand building touches every aspect of your business - from interactions with customers to your employee base and community reputation. Brand building establishes you in the market and defines your point of difference versus competitors. Most importantly, your brand communicates what your company stands for to your customers and business prospects.

Effective brand building and brand management are directly related to your company's growth.

Do you have a clear brand strategy?

Unfortunately, branding is often misunderstood and poorly executed. Many small businesses boot strap their marketing efforts – hiring inexperienced graphic designers, using low quality printing vendors, separating sales and service delivery from marketing discussions and engaging in one off programs of the day.  This approach, while common, is an inefficient use of resources in the short term and an ineffective way to grow your business for the long term. 

That’s where SMMC Studios comes in.

SMMC Studios is a different type of marketing agency. We specialize in marketing for small and emerging enterprises.  Our goal is to help your business succeed by serving as your marketing center of excellence.
SMMC Studios provides guidance to small business owners by offering the critical skills they need.  We use service and pricing structures that small businesses can afford, bridging the gap between credible expertise and affordability. 

SMMC Studios offers expertise in:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Planning
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Communications
  • Marketing automation
  • …and much more (click here to link to services)

We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about how our firm can assist you in growing your business profitably.

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  • SMMC Studios opens new offices near Uptown Charlotte.
  •    February 2010
  • SMMC Studios featured speaker for Small Business Lunch and Learn event.
  •    February 2010


Central Online Sales and Marketing Optimization System
COSMOS™ is our robust web platform that transforms websites from a simple virtual presence to a powerful online marketing tool.


Growing powerful brands
The Greenhouse is our brand incubation center for select product or service ideas that are in the initial stages of development. SMMC Studios invests in these brands, serving as both an equity partner and as a member of the business's Board of Advisors.

Free Website Analysis

How effective is your site?
SMMC Studios will conduct an analysis of your current website and provide a perspective on the strengths and opportunities of the website. No charge. No obligation.


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